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The Best Wedding Flats


Finding the right footwear for your wedding can help you step into your new life with grace and style. Ballet flats and sandals have become a popular alternative to traditional high heels. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look, there are many styles to choose from to complete your wedding day ensemble. Consider these options to find your perfect pair!

The elastic ankle strap keeps this sandal securely in place and makes it easy to slip on and off. A durable polyurethane leather footbed cushions and lays atop this shoe’s non-slip rubber sole. This shoe offers a snug fit for hours of comfortable wear. It’s simple detailing is ideal for a bohemian or minimalistic look for both formal and casual wedding wear.

The high-quality stitching and 100 percent suede materials ensure that this footwear creates a lush feel and fit. Available in 5 colors, this flat’s breathable mesh makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours. Note that because of embellishments this shoe is a bit more expensive, although if you can fit it in your wedding budget you may want to just splurge on it for the quality and comfort.

Slip on this vintage-inspired flat with ease for your wedding or formal event. Step into glamour with any of this shoe’s three colors: ivory, blush and black.

The extended heel collar wraps securely around the back of the ankle, which works to prevent the foot from slipping forward and creates a unique style. The slightly lipped inner sole and soft contoured footbed cradle the foot comfortably.

The curved topline hugs the foot, creating a seamless and secure fit. The non-slip rubber sole folds effortlessly into a compact size, making it portable and easy to take along with you. Note that the thick sole adds a slight lift without the discomfort of high heels.

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