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The Best Universal Flash Drives

Close up of metal USB flash drive connected to laptop on wood desk

Universal flash drives are used to back up data from smart devices and computers or transfer data between compatible devices. For certain devices, there are even adapters available that make flash drives capable of interfacing with one another. We have put together a list below of some of the best universal flash drives.

This flash drive is excellent for backing up your data from smartphones and laptops and it is compatible with top brands. It is capable of displaying photos and videos in different file formats.

This flash drive backs up photos and videos from smart devices and computers quickly and is compatible with most brands.

This universal flash drive comes in dark green, sea blue or orange. It does not need any configuration after unpacking it and transfers data from smartphones to computers with ease.

This flash drive copies photos and videos in any file formats from computers and lets you easily organize your data. Both lightweight and compact, it fits snugly into smartphones.

Highly Compatible

This flash drive has an app for managing data and it allows you to watch movies or listen to music without a drop in quality. It is one of the fastest backup methods for your smartphone or computer.