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The Best Turtleneck Tops for Women

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Turtleneck tops are usually slim-fitting garments with a close-fitted, foldable collar. They complement many different clothing styles and can even be a signature fashion for some! Take a peek at our list of exceptional turtleneck tops for women.

This top for women is soft, silky and long enough to cover long arms. It’s lightweight and retains its fit after many washes. It’s not see-through and works well as a base layer. It also provides good insulation from cold weather, even if worn on its own.

This women’s turtleneck is comfortable and wrinkle-resistant, and it retains its color when washed. Its collar stretches to a great extent without losing its elasticity, and it’s thin but durable. It covers down to the hip area and has a casual and classy look.

This turtleneck top is lightweight with an elegant look, and it’s sturdy enough to provide decent insulation on cold days. It’s stretchy and complements many clothing styles.

This sweater is suitable for use as a base layer and comes in many colors. It’s machine washable, dries quickly and retains its color after many washes.

This turtleneck top complements jeans and ponchos for casual events or jackets and boots for those cold days. Its fabric is not sheer but retains a light and soft feel.