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The Best Trunk Organizers


It’s easy to accumulate a wide array of random items in our vehicles over time. Whether it’s extra paper towels, a change of clothes or even your child’s athletic uniform, for some reason, it all winds up in your car or trunk. So, rather than leaving your car looking like an extra closet, try some of these trunk organizers to manage the mess. 

This trunk organizer can convert from one large compartment to two or three smaller compartments, depending on how you position the additional slots. The no-slide base and anchor straps prevent tipping and falling.  

This trunk organizer is an ideal, full-width solution for multi-row minivans or SUVs. We like that it’s waterproof, machine-washable and is easy to install.  

We like the durable construction on this trunk organizer along with the removable, customizable sub-dividers. When not in use, it can easily collapse down to a small, compact folded tote. 

This trunk organizer has a non-slip bottom for better stability and can hold up to 15 pounds max. It also features a sturdy base plate and reinforced handles.  

This trunk organizer will work for SUVs, trucks, minivans and sedans. You’ll get four mesh pockets, two pockets with flaps, and three roomy storage sections. It’s made from durable 600D polyester and folds flat.  


1. Are trunk organizers worth it?

Yes, especially if you’re not always able to keep your car free from holding anything other than people. A good trunk organizer can help you keep items neat and reduce the look of embarrassing clutter when you open your trunk. Many of them are designed to be convertible, meaning you can expand or reduce it to the size you need based on how many items you need to contain.  

2. How do you install a trunk organizer?

In most cases, you’ll be faced with one of two installation methods. Some organizers come with anti-skid bases. Most trunk organizers are very user-friendly. This means that if you prefer, you don’t have to do much more than pop open the organizer and begin usage. The base will usually feature strips or a texture that prevents it from sliding in your trunk. Alternatively, many trunk organizers come with additional straps which can be secured to hooks or handles that your car manufacturer provides in your trunk. These accessories can be ideal for storing heavier items, which might cause your organizer to shift or tip over.  

3. What should I keep in my trunk organizer?

As a general guide, you should keep emergency supplies like a first aid kit, a flashlight, and a kit to change a tire or jump your battery if you need a boost. Also, consider including things like a portable tire pump and multi-survival tools. However, individual contents will vary based on your needs and location. If you live in a climate that faces extreme temperatures — either heat or cold — consider including items like a blanket, portable fan, water and cell phone or emergency battery just in case you get stranded on the side of the road.  

4. How can I make more room in my trunk?

First, assess what needs to be in your trunk, what can be tossed, and what should be returned to your home. Remove anything that’s neither essential or anything you routinely find yourself using while on the road. Next, invest in a good trunk organizer. Look for one that features multiple compartments so you can create an organizational system that makes the most sense for how you use your items. Think about whether you want an organizer that’s designed to sit in the trunk or one that can hang over your back seats. If you find that you frequently need to haul items, an over-the-seat organizer might be preferable since it will free up your trunk space.  

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