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The Best Transfer Paper For Vinyl

Transfer paper is useful for decorating surfaces like glass, metal and fabrics. It has a sticky side that connects to decals and transfers them to suitable smooth, clean surfaces. We have put together a list of vinyl transfer papers for you to check out.

This transfer paper suits both indoor and outdoor usage and works best on glass, ceramic and walls. It is excellent for decorating your kitchen windows or tiles without sticky residue.

This vinyl transfer paper is simple to use and cuts easily with any bladed machine or knife.

This paper works well on glass, plastic, porcelain, fabric and metal. It has a medium tack rating and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Your images release without tearing, damage or leaving residue behind.

This vinyl transfer paper is excellent for decorating with intricate designs. It does not stretch or tear the images or decals you are transferring.

This vinyl transfer paper works on glass, wood, metal fabric, ceramic and other surfaces. It’s easy to cut into any shape, and it does not leave a sticky residue after the transfer.