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The Best Tack Cloths

Cleaning home table sanitizing kitchen table surface with disinfectant spray bottle washing surfaces with towel and gloves. COVID-19 prevention sanitizing inside.

Tack cloths are popular in the automotive industry for preparing vehicle surfaces for paint jobs. However, tack cloths aren’t just for professionals. Even lightly wiping one on any surface results in a thorough cleaning of fine particles. Check out our list of five highly recommended tack cloths below.

This soft cloth carries the ideal amount of tack for a supreme clean without leaving behind any residue and contours easily to the shape of the surface.

Made of tear-resistant micro-aperture mesh, this tack rag completely removes particles from almost any surface. Particles adhere to it instantly, instead of being pushed around or displaced into the air. The individually-wrapped tack cloths are available as a 12-pack per box.

The tack cloths are free of wax and silicone and suitable for most applications. It is easy to cut the mesh-like cloth into smaller sizes as needed.

Useful for a range of tasks, this cloth delivers a thorough-but-gentle, clean, residue-free surface.

These micro-aperture mesh cloths are best for cleaning small areas and preparing clean surfaces for painting, laminating, etc. The cloth’s sticky nature keeps dust from circulating in the air as you wipe and the sturdy anti-static cotton material gives it durability.