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The Best Small Tripods

Photography objects and equipment. Photo camera on small tripod taking picture of nature.

Getting the best videos and pictures on-the-go is a must for any traveling enthusiast. Whether you’re a professional photographer or hobbyist, mini tripods will help you achieve shake-free images with your smartphone or camera. They’re stable, built for hands-free operations and easy to transport. If you’re interested in the top mini tripods out there, check out our faves listed below.

Compatible with most devices, this mini stand has both selfie and tripod modes. It has non-slip rubber feet and an extendable phone clamp, as well as a Bluetooth remote and GoPro adapter.

This tripod’s compact, lightweight design is perfect for outdoor videos and photos and is compatible with most smartphones and small cameras. It can be placed on uneven surfaces or even wrapped around handrails and other items.

This stainless steel and black, technopolymer tripod has three non-slip rubber feet for stability and works with most devices.

This set comes with a phone mount, lithium battery and carry bag. The Bluetooth remote lasts up to 300 hours on standby. Its quick-flip locks give a secure, wobble-free hold, while the rubber handle offers a comfortable grip.

This compact tripod is made of durable aluminum alloy and fits easily in a standard size backpack. Its quick-release pan plate and large knobs makes it easy to grab and adjust.