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The Best Silicone Chair Leg Caps

Prevent slips and floor scuffs, and reduce noise with silicone caps that fit over furniture legs. Many install easily without the need for tools, are reusable, easy to clean and suit nearly any interior design. The selections on our list are useful for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Protect your furniture and floors with these moisture-resistant caps that arrive ready to install and do not require tools, glue or nails.

These caps have a layer of super glue bonding between the felt pad and silicone, making them reliable for long-term use. The felt reduces friction and noise when shifting chairs, and has a tight hold once positioned. The soft silicone material offers flexibility for easy installation or removal.

Keep floors safe from scratches with these waterproof, easy-to-clean covers. Simply stretch and release the cap over either rounded or square furniture legs for quick and easy installation.

For hard-to-fit furniture legs, place these silicone caps in warm or hot water to soften them for extra malleability. The caps provide a firm grip and retain their shape even after removal. They come in various sizes, are easy to clean and weather-resistant.