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The Best Sandblaster Gun Kit

Aluminum automobile part and sand blast gun on mesh in sandblast machine room of cleaning manufacturing process

Sandblasters can make daunting restoration tasks more manageable. Whether you’re stripping paint off a piece of furniture or deck for repainting, or cleaning a rusty appliance or tool, a sandblaster is just what you need to make life easier. Here are some of the best available for home projects.

Instead of a siphon hose that might limit maneuverability, this sandblaster uses a gravity feed mechanism. It’s compatible with most common media, including steel grit, glass beads, baking soda, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide.

The sandblaster’s gravity feed mechanic allows you to move freely, and it’s great for removing paint, rust, grime, and other heavy-duty cleaning.

This sandblaster is compatible with most abrasive media and its hopper has an open-mouth top that gives it the functionality of a cabinet-style blaster for smaller items. It requires an air compressor with a minimum air setting of 3.5 cubic feet per minute at 50 PSI.

This high-performance gravity feed media blaster operates at 60 to 125 pounds per square inch with an air consumption rate of 12 cubic feet per minute.