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The Best Postnatal Support Belly Band

Belt for weight loss on a dark marble background. Relieve weight

For many women, postpartum belly bands are a great way to reduce pain and support the stomach muscles and internal organs, helping them to heal after both C-sections and natural births. Try out any of the four premium quality wraps below.

Each band is worn at a specific post-childbirth phase childbirth, as detailed in the included instructions. The lightweight but supportive material provides comfort while on the move. The girdle also relieves pressure on your back and corrects your posture. Pick from two sizes in black or beige.

Use this band to help your abdominal muscles regain strength after childbirth. The double layers of elastic velcro are adjustable for comfort.

KeaBabies’ belly band is safe to use both day and night. Immediately after birth, wear the stomach belt to reduce swelling and support abdominal muscles. During week one to six, add the waist belt for lumbar support and breastfeeding. Use the pelvis belt as well from weeks seven to 12 to stabilize pelvis joints.

Wearing a postpartum belly wrap not only speeds up postpartum healing, but it can also help to treat a variety of conditions, such as hernia and postpartum pain. Adjust the tightness using the velcro fasteners throughout the phases of recovery.