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The Best Pool Liner Patch Kits

Empty in ground swimming pool ready for replacement of old vinyl lining or liner

No matter how many precautions you take, getting a puncture or leak in your vinyl pool or pool liner – and the hassle that comes along with repairing it – happens. Fortunately, these patch kits can effectively reduce the spread of a tear. Check out our list below of the best pool liner patch kits.

These 7-by-3-inch patches are easy to apply and can be trimmed with scissors as needed.

This professional-grade vinyl pool liner has an easy application process and provides you with remarkable, leak-free results. It also works underwater.

This Swimline kit works for patch jobs of varying sizes and can be used underwater. It provides clean, leak-free results and will have you back in your pool in no time.

These patches contort to your items, giving them a clean, nearly invisible finish. They work well in most applications and hold up for a long time. They’re easy to use, and you can cut them for the best fit.

This patch-and-seal tape immediately creates a long-lasting bond, locking out water and air. It’s versatile and can work outdoors, indoors and underwater.