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The Best Photosticks

Keeping all your priceless memories safe is now easier with a photo stick. With one click, they instantly start backing up all your important files — a must-have for a photo enthusiast. We’ve listed our top choices below.

This memory stick allows you to backup or copy files and even share images directly to any social media platform. It supports Touch ID and passwords to secure your information.

The photo stick has 8GB of memory and is compatible with most PC and Mac computers. Once the stick is filled, the software enables the next Picture Keeper to continue where the last one stopped.

This USB flash drive comes in various colors and supports both Android and iOS devices. It also includes Touch ID and password encryption to keep your information safe and secure, even if stolen.

ThePhotoStick has 128GB of memory, is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and needs no installation. It’s able to find duplicates and can save many types of file formats.

The Apple MFi-certified photo stick allows the transfer of videos, pictures, music and other files between computers, iPhones or iPads. It transfers large files at high speed and supports videos and pictures in a variety of formats.