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The Best PC Keyboard Stands

Opened laptop is running and installed in the notebook holder.

If you work in a space that isn’t ergonomically-optimized, it can cause your body to get out of alignment, triggering a number of injuries, from carpal tunnel to premature fatigue. Make your workspace a healthier place by investing in tech and desk accessories that make working easier, such as a PC keyboard stand. Check out our top picks.

We like that this keyboard stand has a raised lip to keep your keyboard or laptop in place. It also includes an anti-slip strip so that the tray won’t shift as you type.

With this keyboard stand, you’ll get two wedges that create an ergonomically correct 12-degree angle. This pick is great for laptops that range in size from 10 to 18 inches.

You’ll get two pieces with this keyboard stand and the flexibility to use them in a variety of positions. For laptops, this pick also encourages airflow to prevent overheating.

Each of the feet in this keyboard stand have an anti-slip bottom and feature a hollowed design to help wrangle wayward cords and keep your workspace more organized.