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The Best Padlocks With Keys

New metal padlock

Protecting family and possessions is a top priority for many of us. And while there are a variety of new technologies that we can turn to for security, sometimes, nothing works better than a trusty padlock. We’ve compiled a list below of padlocks with a range of features to meet any of your security needs.

This aluminum padlock is corrosion-resistant with a layer of weather-resistant vinyl. Its hardened steel shackle resists cutting and has a diameter of 6 millimeters and a length of 22 millimeters. Its four-pin cylinder and dual-locking levers offer lock-picking resistance.

The black padlock contains pick-resistant cylinders, double stainless steel-locking bars and a long, cut-resistant shackle.

Ideal for light and moderate security enforcement, these one-inch mini locks carry hardened steel shackles.

The internal locking cylinder has four pins and is tamper-resistant, while the galvanized plates and rivets make this lock virtually indestructible. The 46-millimeter chrome shackle offers space to maneuver the lock, and the high-quality materials and construction resist cutting, crushing and weathering.

This padlock weighs 12 ounces, has cut-resistant shackles and can be used indoors or outdoors without worrying about damage or rusting, due to its weather-resistant thermoplastic jacket.