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The Best Multifunction Level Ruler

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Complete almost any home improvement project correctly on the first attempt with the right kind of multifunctional ruler. These rulers provide many functions in one device, making them idea for both amateur and professional use. Select from any of our top four picks below.

Quickly mark, measure and mount wall displays using a variety of included hooks, nails, pins, screws and steel wires. The brass-plated stainless steel accessories support up to 100 pounds. The ruler incorporates small gaps for marking surfaces easily to ensure the correct position every time.

Simply line up the ruler, check both spot levels to ensure the preferred angle and mark the desired location. The picture-hanging accessories are built to hold up to 100 pounds.

The ruler’s handy self-marking took means you can mark the spot for your nail with one hand.

When installing almost any hanging object, from photos to mirrors, this ruler gets the job done. Use the press-button hanging hooks to create a mark for placing hanging accessories and the convenient vertical and horizontal bubble levels to ensure the correct alignment.