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The Best Locker Locks

top view of padlock and key on yellow background

Locker locks secure doors and lids, many can even fasten items in place. They come with three- and four-digit locking codes or a number dial, and some of them are suited for outdoors. Here’s a list of the best locker locks.

When you set the code, input the default code to open the lock, turn the shackle 90 degrees, depress it and turn it 90 degrees again. At this point, you can input your desired code and then return it to the starting position.

The sturdy feel of the padlock makes it a great match for any door or storage unit with a latch. Its dial is accurate, it fits most lockers and it comes in various colors.

Once you’ve entered the new security code, be sure to depress the shackle to lock it in. This action prevents accidentally changing the code while shuffling or moving around.

This padlock is excellent for indoor or outdoor use and is resistant to cutting. Its four-digit security code has a 1-in-10,000 chance of getting cracked, making it safe and reliable.

This combination lock is waterproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Easily reset the stock code with your own security code.