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The Best LED Lights for Shops

LED Cabinet lighting on the top of cabinet or cupboard. Lighting design concept

LED lights are a great option for businesses, thanks to their impressive efficiency and lifespan. As the demand for LED lighting continues to rise, there are more and more options for LED lights well-suited for shops. Long, adjustable LED lights can be installed directly onto the ceiling, or by hanging them from the ceiling with chains, making it easy to replace older fluorescent lights. We have shortlisted some shop LED lights that offer high-quality illumination and are available with a wide variety of light outputs.

Each light has an output of 5,000 lumens and a built-in outlet, allowing you to chain the lights together and run them all off of a single power cord or place them separately if you wish to only illuminate one part of your shop at a time. This LED light is also very popular for home and industrial use. The housings on these LED lights are made of lightweight but durable composite aluminum and clear PVC. This product is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Prepare to save up to 50% of your energy bill with these plug and play LED lamps, which are both connectable and extendable. Mounting these lights is as easy as hanging them up and inserting the plug to turn them on. The lights feature a lifespan of 50,000 hours, so you won’t need to buy replacements anytime soon. The lights are also suitable for the office, garage, parking lot, warehouse and supermarkets.

These 4-foot twin LED lights will not only help you save on electricity costs compared to fluorescent lights, but they also offer 45,000 hours more in life expectancy. The color temperature is 5,000 Kelvin and the output is 4,000 lumens. The lighting set comes with 10-inch hanging pull chains, screws, hooks and outlets to facilitate connections with additional lights. Each of the four packed LEDs features a rugged plastic housing, meaning these lights are lightweight but can still take a few good knocks.

Your shop deserves a light with sufficient power to illuminate the entire space. In this set, the four lamps can link up together using plug connections that also feature an on and off switch. The metal housing protects the LED bulbs from getting damaged, while the frosted cover also provides added protection against bulb breakage. These lights allow you to decide whether to surface mount or hang the lights on a chain. An extended warranty period of three years provides peace of mind that these shop lights will hold up over time.