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The Best Kids’ Showerheads

Shawer head with flow of water spilling out on blue background

When your child is ready to start transitioning from baths to showers, kids’ showerheads can make life much easier by creating a smaller, kid-friendly shower experience. Kids’ showerheads come in various sizes, and some have extra features like different spray settings or hand-held sprayers. We have created a list of highly-rated children’s showerheads that will work in the bath or connect easily to your existing shower system.

This showerhead is made with vinyl, ABS plastic, brass and stainless steel. It’s easy to use and ideal for teaching kids to shower by themselves. The suction cups on the showerhead stick firmly to most surfaces.

This showerhead provides a hassle-free way to bathe toddlers and infants, featuring a 6 inch hose with a hook for hanging it out of the way. It regulates the water flow by reducing the water pressure, which helps kids acclimate to bathing in the shower.

This kids’ showerhead helps children get used to showers, and it easily converts it to a hand-held showerhead.

This showerhead and hose combination is made for infant and toddler use. Its soft spray won’t irritate sensitive skin but is still strong enough to get little ones clean.