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The Best iPad Stands

Tablet PC with holder on table in office

Holding your iPad is generally fine ,but holding up your iPad while watching a movie or a show or following a recipe can feel cumbersome. Instead, consider purchasing an iPad stand for hands-free viewing. Depending on the stand you pick, you can choose from multiple settings so you get the perfect angle to avoid glare or make it easier on your neck. Check out our top iPad stand picks.

The Omoton iPad stand is compatible with a variety of Apple products, as well as some Samsung and Nintendo devices. It can be rotated up to 270 degrees for the perfect angle. With anti-slip pads and a charging port, this stand is stable, elegant and durable.

We like that this iPad stand has a 360-degree swivel and can fit both phones and tablets. This stand also features a DSLR camera adapter and can double as a camera stand. With wobble-free grip and excellent stability, this is a great pick for professional environments as well as in-home use.

We like that this iPad stand features an adjustable angle and has a sturdy base with anti-slip rubber at the bottom to prevent movement and scratches. Crafted with an alloy steel material, this tablet stand is both lightweight and durable.

You’ll like that this iPad stand is available in three colors: black, silver and pink. It is compatible with phones as small as the iPhone 7 and is designed with anti-skid rubber cushions. This stand rotates up to 270 degrees.