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The Best Hair Dye Brush

Accessories for hair coloring. Tool stylist for hair.

If you’re planning to dye your hair at home, you may need to grab a hair dye brush to add to your home coloring kit. A high-quality hair dye brush is vital for all types of hair coloring, including bleaching, highlighting and applying balayage. The best brushes have stiff bristles, which are ideal for applying product to targeted areas. Some also include a sharp, narrow tail that can be used to part off sections of your hair. We have listed our favorite hair dye brushes below.

The perfect addition to your styling toolkit, this brush holds onto pigment, and the pointed end allows you to hold the brush and make parts with ease.

This set comes with one pink and one black brush. The bristles are just the right level of stiff, providing plenty of control.

This pack comes with three brushes in black, pink and yellow. The set is perfect for salons as well as at-home color treatments.

Best For Long-Lasting Use

The Soft ‘N Style brush comes in three different colors with pointed ends, making parting the hair and getting to the roots an easier task.