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The Best Electric Lawnmowers


Electric lawnmowers generally require minimal maintenance and come in low-powered and high-powered models. These handy yard tools eliminate the need for oil and fuel storage and are more lightweight than gas-powered mowers. Some electric lawn mowers come with folding parts for convenient storage. Here are our top picks. 

The battery-powered mower has a multi-function rear bag that supports mulching, side discharge, and regular rear bag collection. It is a great model for yards that need weekly or monthly cutting and operates for up to 45 minutes.

The adjustable push handle on this LawnMaster suits both kids and adults maks it and it comes with foam-padded comfort grips. It can power through dense grass and fold down for garage or yard storage.

This compact mower is the ultimate backyard buddy. It has a collapsible design and an automatic feeding spool for speedy use. It’s best suited for townhouse yard spaces and other compact, tight areas. It fits virtually anywhere and packs a punch.

This lawnmower has an attractive green color scheme with lime accents. It handles curved edges and tight spaces with ease and suits large yards.

This lawnmower is a suitable option for regular mowing and makes light work of tall grass. It offers over an hour of run time, and the batteries are easy to remove and lock in place. An automatic load sensor adjusts power output to keep up with the cutting blade’s energy demands.


1. What are electric lawnmowers?

An electric lawnmower is simply a lawnmower that is powered by a lithium-ion battery instead of gasoline; some also plug into an existing electrical outlet at your home. These mowers start instantly, need no oil to run and have no exhaust fumes. All you need to do is charge up your lawnmower battery or plug it in and get to mowing your lawn like you would with a gas-powered mower. 

2. How long do electric lawnmowers last?

The battery of your electric lawnmower should last up to an hour before needing the next recharge. The lifetime of a battery for these mowers can be four to five years, and the lifetime of the actual mower may be up to 10 years. When you are not actively using your electric lawnmower, make sure you always store it in a dry location. This will give you the best longevity for your mower. 

3. Can electric lawnmowers overheat?

Yes, electric lawnmowers are capable of overheating. When debris gets caught in the air vents of the mower, it can cause the air vents to clog. When these are clogged, the air circulation to the engine will be cut off, and the mower will overheat. The vent is a crucial part of electric mowers. You should always check the air vents located near the motor to ensure they are cleared out so your electric lawnmower does not overheat. The motor of the electric mower may also become strained. This is caused by cutting tall grass too quickly. To prevent overheating in the mower, take your time mowing tall grass or try mowing your lawn more often to prevent the grass from getting too tall. 

4. What kind of maintenance does an electric lawnmower need?

Electric lawnmowers are very low in maintenance, which makes them a good reason to own one! Electric lawnmowers do not require oil, gasoline, spark plugs, air filters or a pull cord. You will need to make sure the air vents are cleared out at all times to allow the motor to cool. There are times you may need to remove debris from the undercarriage and blades for the best quality of your mower. Lastly, the battery on some models will need to be charged; always store your mower in a dry location, such as a shed or garage. 

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