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The Best DVRs For Security Cameras


A complete security system includes both security cameras and a digital video recorder (DVR), which allows you to store and play back footage from your cameras. DVRs are generally easy to configure and use, and many also include remote video access from your smartphone. Some also come with cameras for a complete security kit. We have put together a list of exceptional DVRs for you to consider.

This DVR can connect to up to four cameras at once, and it’s suited for capturing images and videos from unique angles. It uses QR codes to connect to your phone or tablet, and there are several camera apps capable of providing its live stream.

This hybrid 5-in-1 DVR supports hard drives up to 6TB. It selects 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after any suspicious movement to send in alerts.

This four-channel DVR has a cooling fan that spins quieter than other DVR brands. Its in-house app is easy to use, and installation is also hassle-free.

This wired surveillance DVR is suitable for monitoring your home or business, and it is easy to set up via its on-screen prompts. Its cameras provide illumination when they detect motion, whichcan also be an effective deterrent for anyone with malicious intent.

This DVR and camera system lets you monitor your property remotely. Its in-house app allows you to view one or all cameras on-screen. The cameras have excellent night vision and deliver true-color video in any lighting conditions.