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The Best DVI to HDMI Adapter

Home entertainment systems and game consoles have varied connection formats, with two of the most popular being DVI and HDMI. These adapters especially become handy for tasks like converting a port or two to create additional parallel connections to a monitor. Here is a list of recommended adapters.

This adaptor is bi-directional and connects to input or output on either port, making a DVI monitor usable as a display for a gaming console or other home entertainment device. Its gold plating is corrosion-resistant, which increases durability.

This adapter connects a wide range of devices. Its gold plating is corrosion-resistant and increases the adapter’s durability for resolutions up to 1920 by 1200 and 1080p or full HD.

This gold-plated adapter has a lengthy, well-protected cord with a layer of foil wrapping over a fabric braid layer to shield the wires from harm and interference.

This adapter is bi-directional and suitable for connecting devices such as gaming consoles and graphic cards to monitors and supports resolutions up to 1080p or full HD.

This bi-directional, gold-plated, DVI male to HDMI male adapter is a viable option for connecting gaming consoles such as Switch or PS4 to a TV or monitor. This adapter’s gold plating protects it from corrosion and oxidation.