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The Best Cross-training Shoes for Men


If you’re an athlete or have to stand for long periods of time, a high-quality shoe can make all the difference in comfort, performance and long-term health. A good pair of trainers can mitigate stress on the joints and muscles, reducing the risk of injury. Have a look at some of our top picks!

This high-performance footwear is great for jogging, workouts, hiking, sports and more. The breathable fabric and inner mesh give this shoe a lightweight and cozy feel.

The partially elastic mesh upper provides optimal ventilation, ideal for those prone to sweaty feet. Its flexible sole adheres to the foot and allows a full range of motion for almost any activity. The midway arch also provides extra support and relieves pressure.

The level platform design ensures a minimal heel-to-toe drop which encourages a natural gait. Alternatively, you can replace the detachable insole with your preferred orthopedic aid.

These shoe’s thick sole enhances stability and delivers high impact resistance, making it ideal for protecting joints and muscles from stress. Select your favorite style from a range of 15 neutral and bright color options.

Suitable for high-intensity activities, these sneakers feature durable foam cushioning and a high-density foam collar. The compression-molded midsole and minimal drop outsole increase agility and comfort. All 12 styles include fresh colors and iconic branding.

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