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The Best Cord Holders For Phone Chargers

Close-up Of A Sticky Cable Holder On White Surface

Whether at home or your workplace, a cluttered area can be the reason for unproductivity and discomfort. In the case of cords and cables, untidiness can even lead to damage and dysfunction. You can reduce tangles and increase the visual appeal of your electronics and devices with a cable holder. Check out these cable holders for phone chargers to find what you need.

These compact 1.1-inch diameter clips are convenient to place anywhere without obstructing the space. They are best suited for tabletops, walls, glass or marble surfaces. Once mounted in place, the sticky backing provides a firm, permanent hold.

You can mount this strip horizontally or vertically as needed, and its grip is equally reliable in any direction. It works for a range of cord types, from musical equipment to phone chargers. This holder is suitable for wood, glass, metal, walls and rubber surfaces.

These durable clips install quickly and once stuck, they remain in place. It does require some effort to remove these, so be sure to plan your layout before using them!

Simply stick these clips to any surface for immediate use, and with 16 holders, you’re sure to create a neat space in no time. You can organize more than just your cables at your desk or television, as these flexible clips are also great for holding pens, toothbrushes, power strips and more.

You’ll never lose sight of these brightly colored cable clips. The various colors make it easy to stay organized by allowing you to color-code your device cables. You can also match the color to the area or the device for a cohesive look.