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The Best Cool Gadgets For Men

Gamepads, mice, headphones and keyboard on table

If you can’t seem to find the right birthday or Christmas gift for that special guy in your life, look no further. Whether he’s into cooking, the outdoors or tech, we have a list below that offers a product for every type.

Designed to support your arms while you relax, this massager provides luxurious comfort with leather and breathable mesh materials and it automatically shuts off after 15 minutes. Its power cord and interchangeable car adapter make it easy to use anywhere.

This magnifier doubles the size of your phone screen for a better viewing experience and includes a secure built-in stand and magnet. Its top folding layer supports your phone while in use and protects the magnifier screen when unfolded.

Ideal for the outdoors, this compact emergency kit includes unique items, such as the survival bracelet with a built-in compass, whistle, fire starter and scraper. The convenient pocket has a telescopic design and is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel.

This colander consists of flexible materials that bend to fit most containers and is sturdy enough for heavy foods. The clips provide a stable, secure grip once in position. Clip it onto the pot and tilt it over the sink for quick and easy straining without spills.

This tool attaches to any drill or power screwdriver and its steel pins retract to fasten onto hooks, screws, bolt heads, etc. Its versatility makes it easier to complete tasks without the extra expense or tool clutter.