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The Best Chocolate


When it comes to candy, chocolate is a go-to choice that delights almost everyone. Available in a variety of flavors, there’s something for everyone on the chocolate spectrum. Whether buying a gift for a friend or just restocking your pantry shelves, check out these delicious options. 

Enjoy your favorite silky chocolate while boosting your mood with affirmations. 43.07 ounces of individually wrapped chocolate pieces are featured in this assortment that includes dark chocolate, caramel and milk chocolate and milk chocolate. These are perfect for sharing or keeping for yourself. 

This box of individually wrapped chocolate pieces is perfect for gifting, adding to your candy bowl or saving in the fridge for a chilly treat by yourself. This chocolate is Kosher and sources ingredients from around the world. 

This selection comes with two bags of dark chocolate treats, each with six servings per bag. Choose from four dark chocolate-based flavor profiles of almond, peanut, peppermint and coconut. Best of all there are only two net carbs per serving. 

This chocolate set features 48 individually wrapped hazelnut milk chocolates in three different flavors — Raffaello, Roche, and Rondnoir. Or, coconut, milk chocolate and dark flavored chocolate wrapped around a hazelnut.

265 pieces of chocolate come in this bulk bag. It’s perfect for refreshing your stash of pick-me-up treats or for classrooms. And this option is also great for Halloween trick-or-treaters to enjoy! 

Chocolate FAQs

1. What is good quality chocolate?

Preferences around chocolate are personal. But there are some criteria by professional chocolate makers when trying to decide what is “quality chocolate.” The core criteria center around the amount of cocoa solids that are present. And for this reason, many serious chocolate fans don’t consider white chocolate to officially be chocolate. For a bar of good chocolate, look for options that contain at least a baseline of 45% dark chocolate or 30 percent milk chocolate. Ultimately, the highest-quality chocolate contains more than 70% cocoa solids. 

2. Which chocolate is the tastiest in the world?

The “most tasty chocolate” award is relative, based on your own personal preferences, so it’s hard to say. Most specialty chocolates produced by chocolatiers tend to be rated higher than those that are mass-marketed, as are many of the classic American brands that are available in the United States. 

3. What are the three types of chocolate?

The three types of chocolate are milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Each is produced using a similar procedure but is processed at different lengths of time, which is why the three flavor profiles are so different. Unlike milk and dark chocolate, white chocolate is free from any cocoa solids, and this is why many people contend that white chocolate isn’t true chocolate. Though chocolatiers will note that it is still technically chocolate because it contains cocoa bean ingredients. 

4. Is 85% dark chocolate good for you?

Of all the chocolate varieties, dark chocolate is often said to be the best for heart health and includes many essential nutrients that your diet may be lacking. According to many experts, dark chocolate is a great source of magnesium, iron and zinc which are essential building blocks for cell function. Dark and other varieties of chocolate can be a great addition to your diet in moderation. 

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