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The Best Candy Corn

The Classic Choice

You’ll get 40 ounces of candy corn total in this set, with two bags each containing 20 ounces of the sweet treat. This original flavor features the classic tri-color set of white, orange and yellow layers.  

This candy corn has a soft, chewy texture and is a perfect addition to treat bags for a party or handing out goodies to friends and family. 

You’ll get one pound of gluten-free, fat-free and dairy-free candy corn with this selection. This candy corn is also made with real honey. 

This selection comes in a single-pound bag with a color variation of the classic candy corn. These candy corns are great for filling candy bags or adding to baked goods such as cupcakes, cakes or cookies. 

This bulk pick features two pounds of candy corn perfect for snacking, gifting and even using as an accent in a mason jar for a fall decor theme. 


1. Which brand of candy corn is the best?

This comes down to preference, but you’ll usually find that Brach’s is the name you’re most likely to hear when asking about candy corn. This brand is also known for its candy pumpkins which are equally popular around Halloween. Their classic candy corn pick continues to be a fan favorite because of its honey flavor. 

2. What are the three original flavors of candy corn?

Traditional candy corn has an iconic tri-color appearance of white, orange and yellow. The white portion is the top layer while the middle is made of orange and the bottom is made of yellow candy. While candy corn is designed to look like a corn kernel, the actual candy is nearly three times as large as an actual corn kernel. Even though you can technically buy candy corn at any time, its peak production season is unsurprisingly in the fall around the Halloween season when 75% of the candy’s annual production occurs. 

3. What are candy corns supposed to taste like?

With a name like candy corn, you would assume that the confection would taste something like the vegetable whose name it bears, but it doesn’t. Instead, candy corn is actually made from 12 ingredients, including some unexpected additions like sesame oil. But the sweet treat consists primarily of different sweet ingredients including sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s glaze and honey. The taste you’ll get can vary based on the manufacturer. While Brach’s makes candy corn with a honey flavor, Jelly Belly’s version is intended to taste like creamy vanilla. 

4. Is harvest corn the same as candy corn?

While harvest corn might look the same as candy corn in terms of shape, it’s not exactly a dupe with a color change. Instead, harvest corn, the official name for a candy corn variant produced by Brach’s, is made with cocoa powder to create a chocolatey flavor instead of the signature honey notes you get with regular candy corn. Similarly, when you find candy corn variants with different colors, this is usually because the flavor profile has been altered. You can get candy corn that is designed to taste like caramel, candy apple and more. 

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