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The Best Calendar Book Monthly Planners

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Keeping track of due dates and appointments can be a challenge, whether for school, work or managing your family’s schedule. A monthly planner gives you a way to track all upcoming events, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of to-dos on a daily basis. The options here are great for planning monthly and weekly schedules, easily adapting to your needs and methods of organizing.

This planner is light for easy carrying and features public holidays with yearly overviews of all the dates in that year. It also has lined pages after every month for detailed record-keeping.

This planner is earth-friendly, with entirely recycled pages and a 50% recycled cover. Each day is split into 15-minute intervals for thorough planning and reminders of daily tasks.

This planner has adequate writing space for tasks, appointments or brief personal notes. It has two colored ribbon markers and perforated corners at the bottom of every page for easy tracking. It also offers elastic closure straps and a loop for a pen.

This academic planner is built to last and can easily fit in book bags and purses. Each month covers two pages and has ample room for detailed writing of goals, tasks and appointments.