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The Best Boys’ Jacket


Children are always growing out of their clothing, especially outwear. Whether it’s a jacket for everyday activities like spending time at the playground or going to school, versus a nicer jacket that’s better for attending events. Thankfully, there’s something for everyone, including these top picks that made it into our roundup. 

Available in a wide array of colors and styles, this boys’ jacket is available in a wide range of sizes from three months to youth extra large. The jacket also features a full-front zipper and two zippered front pockets. 

This fully hooded boys’ jacket is filled with down for added warmth and has zippered pockets. The hood is removable and has elastic cuffs to help block wind. The jacket also features a standing collar for warmth even when the hood is removed. 

This boy’s jacket stays warm thanks to the natural insulation properties present in wool fibers. There are two flap pockets, as well as a double cuff with a rib inside to block the wind. 

This jacket is available in four colors and comes with a sturdy drawstring hood. It also features a ribbed hem and cuffs for added comfort to block wind. This jacket also features a kangaroo-style split pocket with a zip-front closure. 

This boys’ jacket is designed to fit 2T through a youth size seven. It also features adjustable tabs at the wrists so you can get a better fit and block the wind. 

Boys Jackets FAQs

1. How do I pick the right jacket for my child?

When selecting a proper jacket for your child take some time to consider where you live and the climate. You may need more than one jacket to get your child through colder winters and harsh climates. A simple fleece jacket may be ideal for early fall or late spring, though you’ll want something heavier if your region faces really cold weather. 

Also consider how often your child will be wearing this jacket. For everyday wear, look for a more durable option that is machine washable, and consider picking darker colors that are less likely to show dirt. For nicer events such as family gatherings or religious services, you’ll want to pick a jacket that is more formal such as a peacoat. 

2. How are boys’ jackets sized?

Standard children’s sizing goes through a range of size categories as your child grows. For babies, sizes are usually based on age for example; newborn or zero to three months, three to six months, six to nine months, nine to 12 months, 12 to 18 months and 18 to 24 months.

From this point, the sizing shifts into toddler range, which includes 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T. After 5T, children’s sizing shifts into either “big kid” or “youth”. Usually, this will correspond with your child’s age (i.e. a six-year-old child would wear a size six), but brands may use different labeling methods. For example, many items sold on Amazon rely on a height range listed in centimeters for children’s clothing. 

Boys’ Jackets Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect jacket for your child is going to come down to preference, appropriateness for the environment and fit. 

Consider the environment. Are you buying a jacket for them to wear to school, the playground or for a special event or dressy occasion? Knowing this information can ensure that you don’t pick a coat that’s dry-clean only so that your child can wear it to the playground. 

And finally, consider features such as whether the jacket has ribbed or adjustable wrists. This can help your child stay warm by blocking out air. Also, think about the style. Do you want a puffer jacket or more of a parka style? And of course, don’t forget color and style. Let your little one have some fun too by picking a jacket that reflects their style. 

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