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The Best Baby Breathing Monitors

Breathing monitors are devices that track your baby’s breathing while they sleep. They warn you if breathing stops and some vibrate to wake them. If you’re trying to decide on the right monitor for your baby, check out our best picks below.

This baby monitor sock uses innovative pulse-oximetry technology to monitor breathing. It is safe and accurate for babies aged 0 to 18 months.

The monitor’s simple design makes it easy to operate. It automatically sends a vibration after 15 seconds of inactivity to wake your baby. If the initial vibration fails to trigger movement, the monitor alerts you with an alarm.

This portable, cordless baby monitor is made from medical-grade materials and detects abdominal movement without any skin contact. It does not require Wi-Fi, radio or Bluetooth and can easily attach to your baby’s clothes. A flashing blue light signifies everything is OK.

This monitor has color-coded lights to easily differentiate between the problems that can arise while your baby is asleep. It operates using Bluetooth and has an effective range of 50 feet.

The included detailed instruction guide makes the Miku baby monitor easy to install. The monitor has Wi-Fi connectivity and a two-factor authentication encrypted security system that prevents unauthorized access to your camera.