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The Best Apple Candles


If you can’t get enough of the smell of fresh apples, there are plenty of candle makers who specialize in recreating your favorite scent in the form of candle wax. Whether you’re trying to banish funky odors from your home or just love the aromatherapy apple scents can provide, these are the candles you’ll want to keep on your shelves. 

You’ll like that this apple candle is made from soy wax that’s been infused with beeswax for a cleaner, soot-free burn. This pick also features a minimalist design with an understated mason jar and painted lid.

We like that this apple candle can eliminate 95% of smoke, pet, food, and other odors. The cruelty-free pick features a soy blend with FDA food-grade ingredients.

The candle has a 75-hour burn time and its lid has a built-in gasket for better sealing between use. The wax is vegan and cruelty- and paraben-free and biodegradable.

This apple candle is hand-poured in the U.S. and highly scented for a bold payoff with every use. Its 6.7 ounces of soy wax gives a cleaner burn with less soot and smoke.

Made to smell like Macintosh apples, this candle has 22 ounces of paraffin-grade candle wax. It has a 110- to 150-hour burn time with a natural-fiber candlewick for a better experience.


1. What should I look for when buying a candle?

First, consider whether the candle ingredients are important to you. Paraffin is a popular choice for cheaper brands, but it can lead to more smoke and soot when the candle is lit. Conversely, soy and beeswax are also popular because of the cleaner burn they provide. Additionally, think about the burn time. While this will depend on the size of the candle, most brands do list the burn time range. Finally, consider what other ingredients might be in your candle, such as synthetic fragrances, artificial coloring, cheaper wicks or crude oil byproducts. 

2. What is the most expensive candle wax?

Of all candle wax options, beeswax is the most expensive. In some cases, it can be as much as 10 times the cost of a paraffin-based candle. While paraffin wax is the cheapest option for candles, as we mentioned earlier, issues with excessive smoke or soot can make them an undesirable choice for some. This is where natural wax options shine. Natural waxes tend to be more environmentally friendly, but the process required to create them tends to be more intensive, which is why they cost more than paraffin candles. Natural wax includes beeswax, soy wax and palm wax.  

3. Which wax holds the most scent?

Paraffin wax holds the most scent of all the candle waxes. It’s also the most inexpensive. Paraffin-based candles also tend to be the most readily available because of their ability to hold a higher amount of fragrance and color, making them a preferred base for many well-known, mass-market candle brands. You can find paraffin wax in varying melting points, meaning that this type of wax can be molded into jars or formed into different shapes. 

4. Where should you put a candle?

As a general guide, you should keep candles away from high-traffic areas, pets, small children and drafts. Don’t place candles next to flammable materials like curtains, as there’s the risk that a breeze could shift the curtain towards the candle and start a fire. Also, avoid placing candles on unstable surfaces or the floor where they could be knocked over. Always place it on a heat-resistant surface. 

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