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The Best Allen Wrenches

Mechanic tool store showcase. Professional chrome wrench tools organized in boxes.

Allen wrenches are a simple-yet-effective tool for removing out-of-reach bolts or screws. They provide an incredible amount of torque and come in various sizes and lengths to suit any task. Check out our top choices listed below.

Each blade has an extended reach and can open at a 270-degree angle. It has a durable, reinforced nylon handle with a comfortable grip and is easy to use.

This Allen wrench set’s various sizes make it perfect for different needs. It comes with a unique plastic case to easily access your wrenches.

These hex keys allow angled insertion up to 25 degrees, great for reaching around obstructions. Its smooth surface provides substantial leverage and torque.

This Allen wrench comes in an 11-piece set, is constructed for maximum strength and facilitates full rotation at a 35-degree angle.

These Allen wrenches come as a 30-piece set that includes a protective case with clear size markings in both metric and customary units. They have precise ends that provide a smooth and secure fit into fasteners.