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Best Yoga Mat Bags


A yoga or exercise mat is an important workout item, but carrying it with you to the gym or studio can be a hassle. Yoga mat bags are a great way to carry all of your workout essentials to the gym in style. Take a peek at some of our top picks!

The unique opening and strap angle ensures that a yoga or exercise mat fits comfortably without obstructing movement. Its wide and long strap sits neatly on the shoulder. Use the small interior zippered pocket for storing your keys, phone or wallet, and the large side outer pocket for a water bottle, yoga straps or blocks. This yoga mat bag makes for a great gift and was designed with yogis in mind.

Suitable for carrying many items, this large bag holds a yoga mat and two yoga blocks easily and has room for more. Access large items effortlessly using the convenient outer pouch, which has a magnetic closure. Store smaller items in an inner pocket. This yoga mat bag is a great bang for your buck and it also makes for a wonderful gift for that yoga master in your life.

Each of the three color options carry an iconic and beautiful symbol at the front. Use this bag as a cross-body bag or over-the-shoulder either vertically or horizontally by simply adjusting the length of the carry-strap. There are two flat outer pockets with secure velcro closures, and the back pocket has a slit for earbuds.

Even thick large yoga mats fit into this bag with ease. This deep bag is great for a traditional or thicker yoga mat. It also has an extra outer pocket and an inner zippered pocket to take along what you need.

The outer fabric features intricate and colorful patterns, while the inside has a layer of material for added durability and easy cleaning. The four metal rings hold the carry-straps firmly in place, while the premium quality zippers securely hold items inside. The purchase of this bag allows buyers to donate to great causes as well. So as you’re giving to yourself, you can give back!

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