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Best Wood Cutouts


Wood cutouts are elegant and versatile crafting accessories that come in various shapes and sizes. Wood cutouts are ideal for crafting resin art pieces, custom signs, decorative wall hangings and much more.

These wood rounds have a natural, rustic grain and are great for DIY home decor. The decorative ribbon will not fray or fade over time and tolerates most adhesives. Additionally, the included ribbon is suitable for hanging the wood cutouts or for embellishment.

These wood cutouts have a naturally light tone and a smooth surface. Hanging holes can be safely cut into these cutouts. They are a unique alternative to painting on traditional paper or canvas, as they are suitable for acrylic paint, water-soluble oil paints or watercolor projects.

These cutouts are ideal for the avid crafter. Conveniently sized for card-making, they work well with glitter and spray paints. They are great for custom keychains, funky wine charms or keepsake wedding favors. Be sure to double-check the size of these wood cutouts to make sure they are just what you need before purchasing.

These wooden rounds are suitable for intricate DIY wood burning projects, as they have a durable, dual-layer design and large surface. You can turn these wood rounds into mini chalkboards for meal planning or grocery lists and hang them up with a ribbon or cord.

These cutouts are ideal for decorating baby showers, weddings and other celebratory events. Create long pennant banners by stringing several cutouts together, or use them as unique table signs for formal occasions. Their size and shape make them versatile and applicable to many decorative projects.

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