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Best Wireless Car Chargers


A wireless car charger mount gives you the luxury of charging your phone while traveling without the hassle of dealing with a tangle of wires as you drive. The mounts have fast charging ability and ergonomic designs that allow for hands-free operation. Here are our top picks for the best wireless car chargers.

This car charger mount provides a gentle but stable hold on your phone as it charges. It’s compatible with most rectangular air vents and even charges your phone with the protective case still on.

This wireless car charger has a pivoting ball joint to allow for 360-degree rotation as well as automatic opening and closing functions. The flexibility of the mount allows you to position it in the best place for viewing and reaching. The device also has three silicone arms and a sliding cover design for firm hold.

Topume’s wireless car charger has a trouble-free setup and adapts to most rectangular car vents. It provides fast charging and is compatible with most smartphones. This wireless car charger is made of aluminum and thermoplastic polyurethane for a durable design.

This wireless car charger fully rotates at 360-degrees for the best viewing experience. It features automatic clamping and even charges your phone while inside a protective case. The charging mount is easy to install and is compatible with larger phones.

This wireless car charger has three installation options and charges through slim phone case protectors. It has a lightweight design and easily switches between portrait and landscape. The device also features a light indicator and a strong suction cup.

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