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Best Window Screens

mosquito net wire screen on house window protection against insect

Mesh screens allow you to enjoy fresh air inside your home without pesky insects finding their way indoors. Whether you’re looking for a standard or custom-sized screen, there is an option for everyone. Check out these highly recommended screens below.

Pick from three size options of this durable and washable screen mesh. Easily cut the mesh to your preferred size and shape to cover doors or windows. Its premium quality flame retardant material provides privacy and protection against insects and UV rays while still allowing refreshing air to flow through.

Install the screen by simply inserting it in an open window, expanding it to fit the window size and closing the window until it contacts the screen. The weather strips at the top and bottom of each screen adjust to uneven surfaces, securing the position and keeping bugs out.

The strong magnetic strips provide a secure closing mechanism and are held in place by industrial strength adhesive. Flexible plastic white strips create a neat look and secure the other components of the screen. Easily wipe or wash the mesh to clean it, and when not in use, remove and roll it up for storage.

Fit this window screen into double-hung wood, vinyl or metal windows by adjusting its size. Using the appropriately sized screen, place it into an open window and extend the screen to fit as best as possible into the desired space. Slide the window shut to create a flush protective closure that also securely holds the screen in place.