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Best Waterproof Camcorder


In the past, camcorders required optimal conditions for use. These days, waterproof camcorders can be used in a variety of scenarios. Check out our top picks for the best waterproof camcorders.

The 1.5-inch LCD screen on this waterproof camcorder allows for great playback. This camcorder can also be remotely controlled with both Apple and Android devices with a wireless connection. This camcorder is great for those with an active lifestyle.

This waterproof camcorder comes with a case that can withstand depths of up to 100 feet. There are only five simple functions, and this camcorder also boasts a long battery life and a variety of other fun features. Choose from two mounts, which can be attached to a flat surface or a helmet. Note that this camcorder should be cleaned after underwater use to prevent rust and short circuiting. Also, Apple computers will need a data expander for uploads.

With a 30-frames-per-second rating and a waterproof depth of up to 100 feet, this camcorder is ideal for vacations, sports,and a variety of outdoor scenarios. This camera also has a long battery life, plus it is versatile and compact.

Along with shooting in 4K, this waterproof camcorder also supports 170-degree wide angles and can be operated via remote control. There’s also an external microphone on this 20-megapixel camera that has a 30-frame-per-second output.

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