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Best Water Wigglers For Bird Bath

A femail blue bird splashes in a bird bath while a second female waits her turn.

If you enjoy the company of birds in your garden or backyard, then you may enjoy a water wiggler. They create beautiful ripples that attract birds to bathe or drink and also help repel insects. We’ve listed below some of the most attractive options that will keep your birds coming back for more.

This water agitator is great at both attracting birds and repelling mosquitoes. It’s easy to install and requires no tool or wires. It can be kept on for 24 hours and has a two-month battery life.

Most Durable

API water wiggler operates silently using two D batteries and delivers two months of constant use. The beige-toned device, made of plastic and metal, effectively repels mosquitoes.

The decorative white pottery cover hides the wiggling device while also keeping it securely in place. It matches seamlessly with any decorative outdoor theme and birdbaths. To install, insert batteries, turn it on and place it into the birdbath. No wiring or plumbing is required.