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Best Washer Deep-Cleaning Effervescent Tablet


Even washing machines can accumulate a lot of buildup, grime and bad odors over months of regular use. Fortunately, a washer cleaning tablet is all it takes to give your machine the intense clean it needs to remove all of the bad stuff. Just toss them in and run a regular wash cycle. Check out a list of our favorites below.

This product’s triple decontamination process makes it an excellent deep cleaner, capable of ridding your machine of years of buildup. It’s suitable for high efficiency, non-high efficiency, front and top-load washing machines.

This cleaner leaves your washing machine smelling great without the use of environmentally harmful additives. The eco-friendly solution rids your washer of mildew, odors and buildup.

These tablets are easy to use, as their foaming effect allows you to place them in the machine, start a regular washing cycle and leave them to do the cleaning. They make great gift items and are packaged for long-term storage.