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Best Transmission Jack

The blue hydraulic bottle jack is installed under the machine and lifting it. Bottle jack near car wheel

Whether for a home garage or professional daily use, these jacks provide safety and mobility while working on auto transmissions. Work with ease using any of the highly recommended jacks below.

The jack’s saddle features corner brackets and tilting safety chains and is suitable for work with transmissions of cars or light trucks. Its long jack handle offers effortless height control.

The fully adjustable saddle rotates 360 degrees with a 30-degree tilt. The incorporated corner brackets and two 26-inch safety chains securely fasten to any transmission size on the saddle. Its unique steering handle in the middle provides easy transport.

This jack has a lift range of 8.5 to 23 inches and 360-degree mobility. It has a 1000-pound weight capacity and a fully adjustable saddle with a safety chain and support-arms. You can use the pump handle from any direction with its 360-degree rotation.

The acme-threaded screw at its 12-inch diameter base self-locks to keep this stand in place. While it complies with safety standards, its thin, compact design provides easy storage.

The tiltable saddle comes with a safety lock, a metal-buckle strap and four casters. The saddle height reaches about 7 to 22 inches using a standard or pneumatic ratchet.