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Best Toeless Socks


Whether you want a little more coverage on your feet in yoga class or you’re wearing open-toed shoes, toeless socks can come in handy. While providing a little bit of warmth for your feet, they let your toes be free. Plus, they can provide a barrier between your skin and your shoes — helping to prevent calluses or blisters from forming. Check out these top picks for the best toeless socks.

While the gel lining on these toeless socks can work to soften heels, you can also fast-track that healing action by using it with your favorite lotion or foot cream for faster softening.

We like that this set of toeless socks comes in a three-pack, so the set will last you half the week. Use the socks with your favorite moisturizer for faster results.

We like that these socks feature a cotton blend that contains one percent spandex for a better fit and that they come in 20 different colors. The top strap helps keep the socks in place.

We like that these toeless socks come with two solid colored pairs and an argyle pair. You can also use these socks to moisturize your heels or to wear with open-toed shoes.

Choose from nude or black sock liners with these toeless socks. They’re made from a cotton blend to ensure breathability, and there’s also a non-slide silicone gel patch in the heel.

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