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Best Tissue Boxes


During flu or allergy season, a runny nose is a guarantee for many of us. Having reliable facial tissue on hand will get you through those uncomfortable days. With many options featuring different strengths, softnesses, absorbencies and thicknesses, finding the perfect box of tissue for your nose can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve researched the best options. Here are our most effective choices.

These tissues went through an environmentally friendly process with no harmful chemicals to attain their white hue. The tissues are odorless and soft, making them perfect for everyday use.

These facial tissues are ideal for all personal or professional spaces including, offices, bathrooms, classrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. They’re strong and made with fibers from responsibly sourced trees.

These facial tissues come in four cube boxes, with each containing 92 tissues. They’re environment friendly and are also available in three-ply, ultra-plush and three-ply with soothing aloe moisturizer.

Kleenex facial tissues soothe and comfort your skin, making them safe to use throughout the day for a runny nose or to keep your hands clean. They come in eight flat boxes, with each box holding 120 three-layer tissues.

These facial tissues are cushiony and pillow-soft. They’re 100% safe to use for prolonged periods during the flu or allergy season. They’re compatible with most decorative tissue holders and come in 10 cube boxes, each with 52 tissues per box.

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