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Best Three-Wheeled Scooters For Kids

There’s nothing like a fun three-wheeled scooter to get kids outside and off devices. Along with encouraging physical activity, this fun toy can be the perfect companion in the park or for trips to visit the grandparents.

This three-wheeled scooter features an adjustable height stem and can support up to 100 pounds. It’s rated for children as young as 3 and only weighs 5.5 pounds. Lean into the stem to steer.

This is another lean to steer three-wheeled scooter that’s available in eight cute colors. The stem extends from 23.5 inches to 32.9 inches so that it grows with your child and supports up to 110 pounds.

You’ll like that this three-wheeled scooter is rated for children as young as 2 up to age 12. The stem adjusts from 25 to 34 inches, and you get fun light-up wheels for added style.

Note that this is a two-wheeled scooter so your children should have more experience before attempting to ride it. This scooter features an adjustable handlebar that shifts from 20 to 29 inches.

With this three-wheeled scooter, you can choose from eight different colors — all of which feature light-up wheels. The handlebar features four adjustments from 25.5 to 34 inches, and the scooter can support up to 110-pounds.