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Best Surprise Cake Popping Stand

Lemon cake with fresh strawberries and pomegranate seeds

Create a showstopping celebration by transforming any traditional birthday cake into a fun surprise with a cake popping stand. Select from any one of these four eye-catching decorative ideas that suit your gift-giving preferences.

In addition to displaying cakes, you can use this stand to display up to 18 standard size cupcakes as well. Select from stands that incorporate one of two melodies, “Happy Birthday” or “Pop Goes The Weasel,” or one without a melody. This height-adjustable stand by Surprise Cake cleans easily by hand.

The cute cat adds a charming touch with the warming “I love you” phrase and connects to a resealable plastic bag. Slip money or a small note within it, then wrap it around the included plastic roll that affixes within the white box. This box is reusable and hand-washable.

Ditch the boring money envelopes for this unique money dispenser. The flat bags carry an adhesive strip that allows you to stick many bags together to create an impressive reel. Simply place money within the bags, stick them end to end, roll them up and position them in the box. Ensure that one end lines up with the exit gap for a successful reveal. After the celebration is over, simply clean by hand and store for future use.

Create a memorable experience for any occasion with this delightful set. Use this money box and the various sizes of glitter hearts for cakes for any special event. Place cash, notes or even gift certificates within the bags, and roll them up once they have adhered to each other.