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Best Storage Containers For Clothes

Open drawer with clean clothes in closet

When it comes to packing away seasonal clothes or simply organizing your space, storage containers can make life so much easier. Check out these five highly recommended storage containers for clothes below.

Made of non-woven fabric, each bag has two sewn-in handles and is available in three colors. The top opening is easily accessible using the durable stainless steel two-way zipper and the flexible walls ensure everything fits.

This pack contains three non-woven polypropylene storage containers available in three colors, each with a transparent window at the front. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean and then air dry.

While these units can hold up to 25.5 liters, they also add a charming, modern look to almost any room with their dual fabric exterior. The included tags and jute string make it easy to label each basket. Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth or spot clean with light soapy water.

These two rectangular storage bags have a non-tearable front handle and a plastic cover lid held in place by a double zipper closure. They are available in three colors and feature a clear plastic cover.

Each of these bins has a 4.5-cubic foot capacity and features two integrated top handles. Quickly find what you need by peeking through the transparent cover or checking the front of the unit, which carries a built-in card slot for easy labeling. The size is ideal for storing blankets, winter jackets or other bulky items.