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Best Sock Gift Boxes


Since socks are essential, they make for a great holiday gift. But instead of going with boring solid prints, sometimes you want to put a little whimsy into someone’s life. Whether the person you’re gifting is into prints, stripes or polka dots, you can’t go wrong with an adorable curated gift box full of socks. Check out our top picks for sock gift boxes.

With 20 different sock gift boxes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that works for your gift recipient. All Happy Socks are made from high-quality materials for added durability. Note the washing specifications for each type of sock box purchased since the care instructions can vary based on style.

This sock gift box comes in four different options. The socks are made from a cotton blend with 2% spandex for added comfort.

All socks feature a cotton blend with 3% elastane for a better fit. These socks also come in adorable packaging in the shape of a traditional pizza box for safe keeping.

This sock gift box features salmon, tuna, octopus nigiri, tamago omelet and maki rolls featuring cucumber and turnip. We like that these socks each have their own patterns. They make a great gift for both men and women.

These knee-high socks are perfect for cooler weather or a person who wants to make an entrance. These socks are designed for women with shoe sizes 6-9.

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