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Best Smart Mirrors


A mirror is a bathroom staple, and a smart mirror is a great way to spruce up a vanity or bathroom. Many smart mirrors come with adjustable lighting and other features like fog-reduction and Bluetooth technology. The mirrors come in many designs to suit your style. Take a peek at our top choices for the best smart mirrors.

This smart mirror offers real-time temperature and humidity stats, as well as three date and time display types. It comes with a mobile app that controls light settings and gives real-time weather reports.

This smart mirror mounts to most flat walls and comes with four brightness settings. It includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker and microphone that supports phone calls and audio streaming from most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

This mirror has a sleek, oval-shaped design and adds a chic touch to any bathroom vanity. The touch controls glow in the dark and the mirror offers warm, natural or cool light colors. This smart vanity mirror generates little heat and minimal ambient noise.

This lighted smart mirror uses energy-saving LED bulbs and features attractive frosted edges and a brushed finish. The range of size options suit most large and small vanities and can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

This smart mirror offers multiple bright light settings and features a useful anti-fog feature that works in less than a minute. The function buttons remain lit at all times, allowing for easy use in the dark. The mirror is easy to install and looks great in low-light bathrooms.

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