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Best Silicone Furniture Protectors

Hand holding set floor care pad. Adhesive chair and sofa protector. Anti-skid felt pad cover sticking on wooden furniture leg.

Eager to protect your floors from scratches? There are flexible silicone protectors that cover most furniture leg shapes and sizes with ease. Prevent floor scuffs and reduce noise with any of the following silicone caps.

The thick felt pads do not slide, snag or tear off when chair legs slide. They are suitable for furniture feet with a perimeter of 95 millimeters to 160 millimeters regardless of their shape.

These silicone caps fit a variety of shapes and have a transparent design to easily blend in with your home decor. The felt reduces friction and noise when moving chairs, and has a secure hold once it’s positioned in place.

These caps work on 1.4-inch to 2.2-inch-wide chair legs and keep a snug fit once applied. The high-quality material provides reliability for your home, work or office.

For hard-to-fit chair legs, place the caps in hot water to soften them for extra malleability. The caps provide a firm grip and long-lasting protection.