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Best Side Sleeper Pillows


An uncomfortable pillow can not only disturb your sleep but also contribute to muscle soreness and an achy back or neck. A proper pillow delivers comfort, support and the correct alignment you need for a comfortable night and a pain-free morning. If you’re a side sleeper, here are our top picks to help you get a good night’s sleep.

The polyester filling is firm enough to ensure ideal sleeping alignment and soft enough for a relaxing experience. The pillowcase is easily removable with a zipper. Its cotton blend keeps you cool and is machine-washable.

In order to access the foam, just unzip the pillowcase and inner-case lining. The outer pillowcase is breathable and machine-washable.

This versatile, fluffy pillow will not deform after long-term use, as its high-quality materials rebound quickly to their original shape. The breathable, skin-friendly fabric resists pilling, is machine-washable and dryer-safe.

Sleep soundly on your side, back or stomach with these cozy, supportive pillows. Its premium-quality, cotton-blended fabric features double-stitching for added durability and long-term use. Match your style with six gusset color options.

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